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With hardly a week going by without some new revelation on the so called 'pensions crisis', what action should you take with your existing pension plans and how should your planning be developed in order that you can retire with an adequate level of retirement income? Please contact us to discuss how we can advise you in this aspect of your planning.

The pension and annuity rules are changing. The need to plan for the future has not.

Pension changes

Changes over the last 10 years have radically changed the pension rules.

Planning for retirement

For many people their retirement plans have been interrupted by various falls in stock...

Stakeholder pensions

Stakeholder pension schemes are low-cost pensions meant for people without existing...

Pension contributions and tax relief

There are limits on how much can be invested in a pension scheme before a tax charge...

Qualifying for a state pension

The government has changed the age rules for qualification for the state pension....

State pension deferral

State pension deferral is the right to defer entitlement to the state pension. In...

Pension credit

Details of pension credits for the current year.