With increasing competition, comes an increasing need to focus on efficiency and timely, informed decision making. Fully utilising computerised accounting systems is vital in achieving this.

Designed for complete control when managing finances, Sage Accounts is fast, reliable and simple to use. It includes cash flow management, project costing, SOP and POP, invoicing, banking, customers, suppliers and VAT and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Stephen McConnell, Partner with Baker Tilly Mooney Moore, said: “Increasingly we are finding that our clients need access to their financial data in real time, wherever they are and at all times of the day. This is straightforward when Sage Accounts is combined with Sage Drive. This system also allows the user to log in anywhere they have internet access and they can share live data with their accountant.”

Going Cashless

How consumers are paying for products is changing and with cards, mobile applications and the huge increase in contactless payments, we are now approaching a point where ‘cashless’ stores are becoming a reality. Customers now expect that businesses will be able to take payments in a format that suits them which also satisfies the need for speed and ease of use at point of sale, whether they are buying instore or online. Key to taking advantage of these changes is flexibility.

Solutions like Sage Pay take care of receiving most payment types, providing fast and secure payment systems for online, phone and instore payments, which integrate directly with the Sage accounting solution to ensure transactions are reconciled efficiently and easily.  With Sage Pay, businesses can also enable a pay now button directly in their einvoices so they can get paid twice as fast and manage their outstanding receivables directly in their accounting software.

Saving Time

Payments to suppliers or employees can be made straight from software, reducing administrative burdens and freeing up time to focus on business decisions. Sage Payments integrates with accounting and payroll software giving you more control over your cashflow as well as a more streamlined, efficient outgoing payments process. As automation increases, the need to have a unified view of company finances will be critical. Greater visibility and control of income and outgoings can mean a more efficient and informed business.


Sage Payroll gives complete control over payday through a wide variety of intuitive tools and features and manages all aspects of auto enrolment.

Baker Tilly Mooney Moore provides a full outsourcing service including bookkeeping, preparation of management accounts and payroll processing and works with clients throughout Northern Ireland. To find out more contact Stephen McConnell.