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We provide impartial advice on a number of debt solutions. However we specialise in Voluntary Arrangements for individuals, partnerships and companies.


  • Are your unsecured debts spiralling out of control?
  • Are you unable to manage your monthly credit repayments?
  • Do you have property shortfalls as a result of the property crash?
  • Are you facing repossession or bankruptcy?

An IVA Maybe Your Solution

An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors and is an alternative to bankruptcy. In some cases an IVA allows you to repay a percentage of your debt in final settlement. Typically an IVA is funded by monthly payments over a period of 5 years, however alternatives such as lump sum payments from family and friends or sale of assets can also be used to fund an IVA.

On agreement of an IVA, interest and penalties to creditors should stop and demands from creditors should come to an end.

Summary of the IVA Process

  1. Attend a FREE, no obligation initial consultation with one of our local advisers to discuss your circumstances and to provide options available to you.
  2. If an IVA is suitable and is your preferred way forward, you will complete a simple questionnaire.
  3. Your proposal for an IVA is finalised and distributed to all creditors.
  4. If the required majority of creditors (over 75% by value of voting creditors) accept your proposal for an IVA, your IVA will be approved.

In many cases, costs are payable from the proposed IVA funding.

Example IVA

John has credit card and loan debt totalling £25,000. His minimum repayments to his unsecured creditors are £550 per month which he cannot afford. He has surplus income of £250 per month which can be used to repay creditors under an IVA.

John could propose an IVA based on 60 monthly payments of £250, totalling £15,000. After costs, the return to unsecured creditors would be approximately 45p/£ in full and final settlement. John would then be discharged from all debts included in the IVA. To read more about IVAs click here.

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For further information on dealing with debt please click here to access the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment’s guide on dealing with your creditors.

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