Strategic Development

We can work with you in developing your strategic plan and also in its implementation through our Strategic Development/Business Planning process.

Research indicates that more than three quarters of strategic objectives are not achieved for three reasons:

1. Strategic direction has not been clearly defined in a cohesive way at the outset.

2. As the company grows strategic objectives are not realigned to face the new reality and challenges.

3. Failure to convert strategy into action.

Creating meaningful strategy, converting this into action and maintaining momentum is essential to successfully achieving business goals.

Why do organisations need Strategic Development/Business Planning?

  • No strategic plan to provide clear direction – ad hoc approaches to solving problems
  • Concern as to how to position themselves in the marketplace to face threats from competitors and the external environment
  • All are too busy to stand back from the business to decide how best they can organize their time to produce results
  • Profit margins are low
  • Lack of any true accountability
  • A lot of problem stating – not solution focussed
  • Performance parameters not defined
  • No succession plan in place
  • Decision making process cumbersome
  • Need for clarity around management structure and leadership roles

The Process

We customize our approach to suit your particular needs by conducting a thorough analysis of your requirements in the first instance.  We don’t roll out methodologies, we achieve results through listening to your requirements and achieving buy in to the process from your own directors and staff.
Our strength lies in our facilitation skills, our use of leading edge diagnostic tools and our experience, which combines Financial, Management and HR expertise.

A typical process could follow 6 stages – you can pick and choose how much or how little you wish us to do:

Stage one – Development of a strategic 3-5 year Plan.

Stage two– Business Units develop Action Plans for the delivery of strategy along a number of performance indicators. In this way accountability is cascaded throughout the organisation.

Stage three – Monitoring, implementation and delivery of Action Plans to ensure a cohesive company wide approach is taken.

Stage four – Introduction of a Performance Management System, which is routed in strategic objectives, future leaders and successors are identified.

Stage five – Leadership development programme for key people using a combination of psychometric assessment and coaching to ensure objective career/personal plans are developed.

Stage six – Align compensation/benefits to reward success – introduce meaningful bonus system.


Examples of the types of outcomes to be expected are as follows:

  • A Strategic Plan with objectives outlined by key performance indicators
  • The introduction of an effective management model for the company
  • Leaders of the future identified
  • Accurate assessment and realising the potential of your people
  • Underperformers identified in a measurable way
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Better Client/Customer service
  • An effective system for driving the financial outcome of the company
  • A focused marketing plan
  • Analysis of competitors and potential partners of the future
  • Directors/managers career plans with leadership roles clarified
  • Personal goals for all staff
  • Performance Management System company wide

Our Team

Our facilitators are a combination of Financial, Management and HR experts with years of experience of helping companies arrive at the best solutions.

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